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Harry and Ron : Because Best Mates do it better.

The Harry Potter and Ron Weasley Fuh-Q-Fest
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Welcome to the Harry Potter and Ron Weasley Fuh-Q-Fest!

The Rules are very basic :

1. Challenges can be claimed once for fic and once for art.

2. Please have all fics beta read before submitting them.

3. All Fics and Artwork are due by 1st March 2009 – but welcomed earlier.

4. This fest is all about dolloping the Harry/Ron around LJ - and there is no element of reveal, at the end - so feel free to post your entry on your own journal and just link to it from here, if you need all your comments in one place - pimp it wherever you want - just mention that it was for the hprwfqf.

5. Please use the following templates when posting fic or art:

Fic template:

Warnings (if applicable):
(Then place the fic itself behind a cut tag.)

Art template:

Warnings (if applicable):
(Then place the art itself behind a cut tag or an offsite link. You must make your own arrangements for image hosting.)

Posts that do not use the template will be deleted. You may repost using the template.

6. Stories and art must be rated. All ratings are accepted from G to NC-17. Not everyone has the same taste so please warn for things that you think may be objectionable to some readers. This very, very much includes warning for Harry and/or Ron being in even a temporary relationship with anyone else - even Trio, not everyone can read Harry touching Hermione - and ABSOLUTELY includes warning for Scorpius Malfoy amusingly touching any of Harry and/or Ron's children, should you be writing that far in the future.

I am serious. Rose/Scorpius or Harry/Hermione is as warnable for as necrophilia.

7. Other characters are allowed but fics and art are to be predominantly Harry/Ron.

8. Fics must be at least 1000 words; there are no maximums.

9. You must have a bloody good reason if you kill Ron.

10. Have fun!