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I don't know if anyone will be scrolling past... this morning a lovely ex-shipmate of ours realised that a few of their fics were posted on the copy of hprwfqf that we created in a froth, back during, blimey, what was it called... Strikeoutgate?

I don't think anyone has ever used it, and it hasn't been updated in years, but there they all are.

Anyway, I deleted the fics that our lovely ex wanted removed - I can only assume that they are about to be nominated for a Nobel Prize - and I think it would probably be for the best if I delete the whole community over there.

So, check the tags at and see if there is anything you'd miss (although they should all still be here on LJ, unless you have already deleted them) - or any lovely comments you want to copy - I think there are about five comments on the whole comm...

I'll give it until Halloween, which seems appropriate, and then I'll delete the comm.

Or, of course, leave a comment here if you want me to to delete your entries asap.
Charlie Hunnam

H/R fic based on fqf prompt

When I needed an idea for an H/R fic for a flister, my muse disappeared, so I raided the unused prompts here. Many thanks to the person who prompted with #69 (Ron wants to give Harry a better memory of Privet Drive).

I hope this is okay, mods, but since I got the prompt from one of your wonderful comm members, I thought I should post a link to the fic here. If this isn't okay, please just delete the post.

Title: Back to the Cupboard
Author: asnowyowl
Paring: Harry/Ron
Summary: Harry is compelled to go back to Privet Drive
Rating/Warnings: NC17—a bit of wanking and voyeurism
Word Count: 1933
Beta: bk7brokemybrain
Title: Written for nolagal's birthday. Sorry it's so late, hun. My muse wouldn't cooperate on a plot bunny, so I raided the unused prompts at hprwfqf (so many, many thanks to the unknown prompter)

"Back to the Cupboard"
Just Mates H-R

A Thoughtful Gift

Better late than never!

Title: A Thoughtful Gift
Author: magicofisis
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Neville gives Harry and Ron an unusual plant with some aphrodisiac qualities.
Summary: If you want something done right, you’d best do it yourself.
Warnings: Language, sexual situations, mention of past Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 5,325
Notes: Written for the hprwfqf. Many thanks to two of my favorite beta readers, sheepybunbuns and abigail89. You guys rock!

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"Three Time Ron Weasley Tinkered with Harry's Glasses. . . [2009, nc-17, abigail89]

Title: Three Times Ron Weasley Tinkered with Harry’s Glasses and One Time Harry Caught Him 

Author: abigail89
Rating: Naughty, really naughty
Challenge: Ron is obsessed with Harry’s glasses
Summary: Ron is obsessed with Harry’s glasses.
Warnings: Language, sexual situations, masturbation
Word Count: 2401
Notes: This story took an unexpected left turn into drama-land off of the comedy highway. Thanks and love to my awesome and lovely beta readers, aome and magicofisis who always find my mistakes and make my stories so much better. Any remaining errors are mine alone. Dedicated to all us who wear glasses. We are sexy beasts!

The first thing Ron Weasley noticed about the skinny kid with wild, black hair

Five Years Later

Title: Five Years Later
Author: slantedknitting
Rating: R
Challenge: 82. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." The entire Wizarding World is waiting breathlessly to see who Harry will choose as his bride. But he has something a bit different in mind.
Summary: It's five years after the war and no one is married yet, or even in a happy relationship (except Neville...)
Warnings: mentioned Ron/Neville/Hannah, brief Harry/OC, past and problematic Ron/Hermione, past and slightly less problematic Harry/Ginny, mentioned Ginny/Dean and Neville/Hannah, slightly OOC Rita Skeeter
Notes: Thanks so much to triomakesmehot for the beta. Also, this didn't quite go the direction I had originally planned and the nasty nekkid sex scene refused to be written. Honestly. Deepest apologies.

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Title: Straight From The Source
Author: triomakesmehot
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Sometimes there is only one way to cure a curse.
Summary: Harry finally gets his chance to save Ron.
Warnings: Very vague references to past Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione
Notes: Loads of thanks to cephalopinguin, louise516 and slu64 for beta, concrit and moral support, and to emmacmf for a bit of Britpicking. (I probably needed more).

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Harry Potter - Friends
  • emmacmf

Fic: The Smallest Shift (PG-13)

Title: The Smallest Shift
Author: emmacmf
Rating: PG-13 for language
Challenge: (Both of them as Aurors) A dangerous mission leads to a very close miss for one of the boys. The other is so relieved they're both safe he kisses his mate without thinking about it.
Summary: When Ron acts on instinct, he thinks he's ruined the most important thing in his life.
Warnings: Intestines, as it gets a bit visceral – literally. Ron swears quite a lot.
Notes: Thank you to shocolate for taking a look at this for me, and for providing supportive squee throughout.

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Out to Depression, PG-13, by Brumeux

Title: Out to Depression
Author: Brumeux (brumeux77,
Rating: PG-13 for language and intense emotional content
Challenge: One of them gets a new friend and the other is so jealous he can’t see straight.
Summary: Harry has a great job, great friends, and finally a normal life. But depression can lead you to the wrong conclusions.
Warnings: Extreme angst. Especially for me who never writes angst. However, since it is me, angst cannot win in the end. Additionally, although there is a strong suggestion of a Ron/OMC pairing, no such relationship actually exists.
Notes: Many, many thanks to thrihyrne, koshweasley, and wolfiekins who gave not only comments and encouragement but crucial emotional support while I wrestled with the angstiest bits. And special thanks also to shocolate, who gave it a final look over for general ghastliness and horrifying Americanisms.

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Fic: The Platonic, Sane Level -NC17

Title: The Platonic, Sane Level
Author: gallantcorks
Rating: NC17
Challenge: Ron finds out he's gay and can't deal with it.
Summary: Ron realizes that although he loves Hermione, he doesn't like being with Hermione. What's worse, he realizes that he doesn't like Harry being with Blaise, either.
Pairing: Ron/Harry (Also Ron/Hermione and Blaise/Harry)
Warnings: Mentions of BDSM. Guysex. Some UST angst. A lot of clueless!Ron
Words: 23,000
Author's Note: This is posted way too early, but I got obsessed with it. Now I just need to unload it so I can have a life again. Thanks to
[info]pastiche_pen and [info]jennyfly for beta duty. All remaining mistakes are mine.

The Platonic, Sane Level